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After working in the Paper Industry, manufacturing Newsprint, for 27 years, Jimmie Tanner saw the demand for Newsprint was declining and that his career in the paper business was coming to an end. At the same time his brother in law, Pete Alewine (Pete Alewine Pools) was having trouble getting quality concrete on a timely basis. Seeing this as a fortuitous opportunity, the two joined together and founded Pete Alewine Concrete Company. Jimmie’s manufacturing and maintenance experience, combined with Pete’s field experience with concrete and his marketing expertise facilitated early success in the residential concrete market.

Over time the management team expanded products and services to target industrial and commercial markets as well.  The management team values: quality, consistency, and integrity; these principles support the team’s vision of making every job routine, even boring for the customer.  With the new business thriving and continuing to grow, Pete turned his attention back to his in-ground pool business. With Pete’s departure the company name changed from Pete Alewine Concrete to Columbia County Concrete but the core values of the management team remain the same.

It’s a fact; concrete is the most used building material in the world. More than brick, wood, steel, or anything else. It’s what businesses, homes, and dreams are built on. Here at Columbia County Concrete, we don’t take that lightly. We see it as a privilege, and consider it an honor to develop communities, and help cities grow…one load of concrete at a time.

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